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Because credit card authorization forms are so last century.

Use TransForm to eliminate paper credit card authorization forms & go contactless.

Why dump credit card authorization forms?

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They're risky.

Having access to a customer’s credit card information is a giant liability. Paper forms will never be PCI-compliant.

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They're annoying.

Guests don’t want to fill out and fax paperwork any more than you want to process it. And who even uses a fax machine anymore?

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They're prone to
human error.

Is that a 1 or a 7? You’ll find out when the credit card fails and you have to call your guest back. Again.

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They're expensive.

Chargebacks cost you money. Fraud costs you money. And manually keying in credit cards? Costs you more money.

It's time to escape the past.
It's time to TransForm.

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Secure your

A fully PCI-compliant environment—making everything safer and more efficient.

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Ditch the fax

A simple, automatic, mobile-friendly platform that’s truly modern.

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Get paid

No more faxing or e-mailing back and forth and completely contactless payments.

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Best of all?

You can finally win the war against chargebacks.

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million in

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Need a second opinion? How about a third?

We needed an electronic solution to replace cumbersome and antiquated paper authorization forms. It’s a particular relief for us to have found TransForm, given that the number of these transactions can run into the tens of thousands each year. Automating this process has been a game changer in terms of data security, compliance and cost savings.

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The deployment of TransForm was a tremendous enhancement for our hotel. It not only provides a seamless online payment portal for our customers with a great user experience, but it also drastically reduces the number of hours required to process those transactions.

Let’s get technical.

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TransForm offers an optional interface to select property management systems— Oracle Opera & Agilysys Visual One & LMS —for real time validation and posting.

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TransForm is integrated with all major gateways.

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