Log a ticket

Just email support@b4checkin.com

You receive immediate confirmation that your ticket is created 
& notifications of each ticket update.
The system also alerts our on-duty support personnel.
To add to your ticket, just reply to any of its notifications.
  • Support is accessible 24/7 by emailing support@b4checkin.com
  • Should you become dissatisfied with support response, you can escalate your ticket by messaging Kathy Perrier, our Director of Support through the ticket or by emailing her directly. Her email address is first and last name with a period between them, followed by @b4checkin.com
  • b4 office hours are 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM AST (GMT-4), Monday through Friday, excluding Canadian holidays.
  • The status of our systems is available at https://status.b4checkin.com/
  • In the unlikely event of an outage, your b4Admin SuperUsers will receive email bulletins from us advising of status updates until the outage is resolved. Within 3 business days after any major outage, we also publish a post mortem report at https://status.b4checkin.com/ informing of cause and required actions, if any.


Support Fees

What’s included

Support work related to unexpected downtime or the investigation and repair of breakages within our applications is free of charge.

Diagnosis and advice concerning the cause of breakages or failures is free of charge.

Revisions to the text content in existing email templates is free of charge if you provide fully proofed and finalized text copy. Subsequent editorial changes to the copy you submit initially may incur support fees.

At the time of your product launch, the initial training for your on-site Admin SuperUser(s) along with one group training session for up to ten users are free of charge.

When fees apply

When a third party supplier to you needs to get involved to solve an issue, we will ask you to open a support request with them; we cannot do that for you, as you are their customer. Should they need us to represent you in such troubleshooting, or if our collaboration is required in working directly with that third party on your behalf, support charges from us will apply.

Breakages can be triggered by oversights on-site such as an expired SSL certificate, or by on-site knowledge gaps in the workings or management of your webservers, property management system, website, traffic analytics, bank accounts and merchant IDs, payment gateways, AVS service, global distribution systems — or by knowledge gaps in any other locally-managed resources that our products interact with or depend upon. Time required for our direct collaboration with such third parties or to provide you with supplemental training in these resources will incur support charges.

Work triggered by an ownership change, a management change, server replacements or upgrades, migrations to a new ISP or to a new bank or payment gateway, by a re-branding or by migrating an installation from a non-interfaced to an interfaced state will incur charges.

The creation of new email template designs and lay-outs are chargeable.

The creation of new booking widgets for your booking engine are chargeable.

The implementation of third party tracking code or training in how to do so is chargeable.

Charges also apply if you require us to make updates to your installation that your on-site Admin SuperUser has the access and training to do through our Admin Site. Those items are listed below.

Fee amounts

Our normal fee for chargeable support work is $150.USD per hour, with a minimum of $300.USD per assignment.

We supply a quote before proceeding with chargeable work. You can also request a quote in advance of submitting a work request.

Ask your Admin SuperUser first

To minimize charges, ask your on-site Admin SuperUser first, as they have access to make any of the following changes through our Admin Site.

•  add or remove recipients for payment and error notification emails
•  edit introductory welcome verbiage on the payment page

•  edit thank you verbiage on the payment confirmation page
•  add, edit or remove terms and conditions for any transaction category
•  update editable page headings or field labels
Transaction Categories
•  create, edit or deactivate transaction categories

•  edit or delete payment request email templates for each transaction category
•  create or change the opening paragraph verbiage for each transaction category
•  add or edit security settings within transaction categories, including permitted # of submissions, failure limits, lead time restrictions
Booking Engine Content
•  create, edit or deactivate room types and their descriptions

•  create, edit or deactivate rate plans and landing pages
•  create, change or deactivate message banners
User Management
•  create, edit or deactivate Property SuperUsers

•  create, edit or deactivate Admin users
•  create, edit or remove Permission Groups
•  assign or edit Permissions to an Admin user
Email Log
•  look up or resend emails for notifications, receipts or error messages


If you do not know who your Admin SuperUser is, ask your Manager or have us look them up for you. If your Admin SuperUser is new or needs training in any of the above how-to’s, submit a support request asking to book Admin SuperUser training, which is free of charge.

If you have questions about any of the above detail, or about the cost of any particular requirement, just create a ticket to inquire.

Protect your connectivity

Our applications rely on being connected to specific parts of your systems. Be aware of the changes that can break our connectivity and cause our applications to stop working.

1. SSL certificate expirations will break our connection. We recommend you put the expiration date of your SSL certificates into your calendar, enabling you to renew them just before they expire.

2. Changes to your payment gateway supplier or credentials will break our connection.

3. Changing Kiosk cashier user IDs or credentials may break our ability to add or update records in OPERA.

4. PMS version updates can also break our connection.

Let us know of any planned changes to these items well in advance so we can work with you to stay connected.


Support response times

Critical Major Minor Request
Definition Severe disruption. Application is inaccessible or multiple transactions are failing or multiple users are experiencing disruptive system behavior or revenue loss is occurring. Transactional disruption. Application is accessible, but some transactions are failing or some users are experiencing disruptive system behavior. No revenue loss is occurring. System behavior that causes inconvenience or minor workflow disruption but does not disable the completion of transactions. Ideas for improvements to system functionality or user experience. Improvements that are not critical to functionality but would be welcomed updates.
Resource Assignment within 30 minutes within 1 hour within 4 hours within 1 business day
1st Response within 60 minutes within 90 minutes within 8 hours within 2 business days
Communication Updates at least every 2 hours with work continuing uninterrupted until a workaround or fix is applied. Updates at least every 4 hours, with work continuing until a work-around or fix is applied. Update no later than the next business day. Update within the next 3 business days.