Easy Support Tickets

Log a ticket

Just email support@b4checkin.com and your ticket is auto-created.

You receive an immediate confirmation of the ticket and an email notification on updates to the ticket.

To comment or add to the ticket, just reply to any of the notifications. You also still have the option of logging in if you need to review the complete thread on a ticket or to look up past tickets. Just select the ‘View Request’ contained in each email notification. If none are handy, you can also sign in directly. You are asked to create your password only the very first time that you log in.

Please do not email your support needs to your Project Manager directly, as this does not give our full support team access to your request. Instead, email all support needs to support@b4checkin.com.

Should you be dissatisfied with our support service at any time, escalation of the issue can be initiated by contacting Steve Miles at steve@b4checkin.com

Details help!

When creating a support ticket, include as much detail as possible to facilitate troubleshooting.

  1. Describe the problematic behaviour. On what page or step does it occur? At what point does it occur – when you first load the page, or when you choose a specific button or action?
  2. Include screenshots to illustrate what happens.
  3. Is the behaviour consistent or does it happen only some of the time?
  4. Does it happen for everyone or only specific users?
  5. Can the behaviour be triggered deliberately? If so, what steps replicate the behaviour?
  6. In what browser and on what type of device is it happening – desktop, tablet, smartphone, etc.
  7. Have any actions been taken that temporarily prevent the behaviour?

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