What does “Tokenization of Credit Card Information” Really Mean?

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As you can imagine, the security around the technology for the payment card industry (PCI) data is quite complex. It needs to be in order to prevent third parties from taking your guests’ sensitive data and using it for unwanted purposes.

While you could take a full course to learn how data encryption and data tokenization (two different things!) work, know that the latter is considered a better method of quickly securing a cardholder’s information. As such, tokenization is given a higher PCI compliance grade. That’s also why our signature product, TransForm, tokenizes and securely stores credit card information after each transaction is approved via the payment gateway. Read More

Ramada Downtown Spokane Set to Use TransForm

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HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA (March 30): b4 is excited to announce that the Ramada by Wyndham Downtown Spokane (“Ramada Downtown Spokane”) has signed on to use TransForm as the property’s guest payment solution, with the platform successfully going live in October 2020. With easy access to Spokane’s University District, the hotel has a prime location for visitors to Eastern Washington University, Spokane Community College and Gonzaga University as well as the Spokane Convention Center. Read More

What are Chargebacks?

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The 2020 holiday season was a weird one. Much of the world was still under some form of lockdown or travel restriction, which prevented normal spending habits from occurring. Instead, people went online for their gift shopping, and in turn this has led to a surge in returns and chargebacks. Hotels weren’t excluded from this post-holiday headache either. Read More

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