b4checkin Announces Peter J. Rogers, Jr. as Chief Executive Officer, Founder Saar Fabrikant Appointed as President

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HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA (June 16, 2021): b4checkin, Ltd. has appointed its current Chairman of the Board, Peter J. Rogers, Jr., as its new Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Saar Fabrikant, the Company’s co-founder, who previously acted in both the CEO and President roles, has been appointed as President. Mr. Fabrikant will direct product development & strategic sales, as b4checkin drives to meet the expanding technology needs of a post-pandemic hospitality industry. Read More

Why Use an Electronic Signature Platform?

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Frankly, it’s shocking that some hotels still use paper contracts when managing corporate or group agreements. In the post-pandemic world, we’re faced with the ‘new normal’ reality that there will be fewer face-to-face meetings going forward to limit viral spread (and save time) combined with the push to make everything more efficient via digitization. Read More

How to Manage the Summer Surge with Technology

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The theme of summer 2021 is ‘revenge travel’. With the vaccination percentage increasing every week, guest confidence is soon to follow. And once we attain herd immunity (at least here in North America), all that pent-up demand for travel from a year or more in lockdown will result in an explosion for vacation accommodations (group and corporate guests will come back later). Read More

What does “Tokenization of Credit Card Information” Really Mean?

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As you can imagine, the security around the technology for the payment card industry (PCI) data is quite complex. It needs to be in order to prevent third parties from taking your guests’ sensitive data and using it for unwanted purposes.

While you could take a full course to learn how data encryption and data tokenization (two different things!) work, know that the latter is considered a better method of quickly securing a cardholder’s information. As such, tokenization is given a higher PCI compliance grade. That’s also why our signature product, TransForm, tokenizes and securely stores credit card information after each transaction is approved via the payment gateway. Read More