TransForm is Here for the Holidays

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Holiday events are happening. Even though COVID-19 is still top of mind, people are making up for lost time, specifically the lack of gatherings in December 2020. The difference this year – unlike, say, 2019 – is that groups are a bit unsure of the situation and are more than likely to book last minute or within two weeks out. Read More

What is 3DS and Why is it the Next Big Step for Credit Card Payments?

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The payment card industry is constantly evolving to upgrade its security measures to further protect both customers as well as merchants. This is critical, with ‘trust’ being the operative word, especially as ecommerce fraud attacks continue to rise in the wake of the pandemic and the boom of card-not-present (CNP) transactions where the cardholder is not physically present to offer verification via their own identification. Read More

How “Representment” is Straining your Accounting team

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When a cardholder initiates a chargeback dispute through their issuing bank or credit card processor, there are a series of steps that a business is required to take in order to state its case. They go through this process to possibly prevent a refund to the customer for the goods or service, as well as an increase in processing fees for future transactions (due to the elevated risk for the merchant as deemed by the processor). Read More

Using TransForm to Add Value for Your Guests

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The recovery from the pandemic has made for a lot of erratic work for hotels all over the world and constantly adjusting to ever-changing local conditions. One central idea for successfully marketing properties over the past few quarters that will persist into 2022 is presenting guests with pricing, promotions and packaging that are viewed as having ‘value’. Read More

3 Ways TransForm Eliminates “Shallow” Work

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Despite the ending of lockdowns and the return to healthy occupancy numbers for many properties, ownership is still reluctant to bring back the whole senior team. There are several reasons for this, from automation implemented during the pandemic to still-depressed cash flows; regardless of underlying explanations, the result is that the lean teams and skeleton crews are here to stay. Read More

More Tech Needed for Managing Group Contracts

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Chargebacks and Friendly Fraud are on the rise with this new-found “freedom mentality”. Guests are disputing charges for vacations they did in fact take, using excuses and loopholes to save money. The hard part to swallow for hoteliers, however, is that banks favor the cardholder and not the business, which means you’re at high risk of losing that chargeback dispute. Read More

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