The future is frictionless. That catchy phrase captures so much about where technology is headed, and payments aren’t excluded from this evolution.

Frictionless Payments Save Time

Specifically for hotel payment platforms right now, frictionless is critical for two reasons:

  1. Hotel teams are overworked and don’t have time for manual payment administration
  2. Guests are increasingly busy and want their payment processes to be automated


Luckily, TransForm has a key feature that fulfills both criteria – facilitating multiple reservations through a single request. While this may seem simple, this flexibility makes a lot of complex and proprietary functionality as elegant as it is.


With The Return of Travel, Your Team Needs Flexibility

To the leisure transient guest, this may not seem significant. However, for the manager responsible for processing transactions or completing reconciliation, this flexibility becomes important for a handful of regularly occurring situations at a property.


Consider the following where multiple payments are required, but a group block isn’t justified:

  • A corporate cardholder needs to pay for multiple hotel rooms occupied by members of that corporation who are staying at the same time or on an ongoing, rolling basis
  • A family member needs to book multiple rooms for the whole family or additional guests
  • Additional guestrooms are being sold as part of a flexible, multi-room package to be used as dedicated office spaces for digital nomads or other creative room conversions like a home theater sold as a reservation add-on
  • Any other instance where a third party wishes to make more than one charge or complete an installment payment on multiple charges within a master folio


TransForm Paves The Way To The Future Of Multiple Reservations

Before advanced payment platforms like TransForm allowed for it, each single line item would have to be billed separately. This required a hotel associate or manager to manually cue up each charge and for the customer or third party to individually authorize each as they came through.


This takes time, which hotels no longer have. It’s inconvenient for the guest as well, which increases the chance that the customer won’t complete the transaction on the spot or may miss a payment because there are so many other things going on. This forces the hotel to send a reminder or follow up directly which, again, takes up more time.


Having all these individual charges or reservations itemized into a single request is really the only way forward for a hotel because no one on either side of the transaction has time for anything else.


Additionally, TransForm can take automated deposits for each reservation and drop the deposits along with the tokenized credit card into the proper ledger in PMS (primarily Opera with the right interface established).


Given all the other demands on your lean team, managing the details of payments isn’t something you should still have to contend with. Schedule a demo so that we can show you the specifics of how this feature works and help make frictionless a reality at your hotel.

Make Multiple Reservations Frictionless With TransForm

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