Larry and Adam Mogelonsky said it best – “The sooner you upgrade your hotel’s payment apparatus, the sooner you can start cushioning your net operating income (NOI) then move on to solving far tougher challenges.”

But how, you may ask? As they discuss in their recent article, 3DS 2.0, or 3-Domain Secure 2.0, could be the saving grace that the hospitality industry has been looking for. This is particularly relevant as travel is expected to remain in full swing for the foreseeable future with the easing of pandemic restrictions.


Concisely, 3DS 2.0 works in a similar way as two-factor authentications. This added security feature is initiated through the customer’s issuing bank when they make a purchase, such as booking a hotel room. This adds value and peace of mind for our clients and the hospitality industry. The extra layer of increased data security allows both the customer and business to feel at ease as mobile and contactless payments continue to increase in popularity.


You can read Larry and Adam’s full article, The 3 Domains of Protecting Hotel Payments and Revenues, below.

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