As increasing numbers begin to venture out and travel again, it is becoming clear that many travellers have taken the opportunity to reflect and re-evaluate during the past couple years.

Plenty of Time for Self-Reflection

Many industries are feeling the effects of this increased self-reflection, which has often included a review of our beliefs and values. Certainly, the hospitality and travel industries will not be immune to the resulting changes in what its customers expect and ultimately demand. The lengthy pauses created by the pandemic also either forced or inspired many to change career paths or professions. Down-time has enabled many to carve out more time in their schedules for self-care and personal fulfillment, coupled with deeper reflection and greater awareness of how our personal habits impact our community, environment, and ecological sustainability.

Eco-Tourism and What It Means for Your Business

Eco-tourism has become a much larger global trend which continues to grow, especially among international travellers, with more consumers flocking to companies that promote sustainable practices. Seemingly small details have become glaringly obvious to the informed consumer and failing to live up to sustainability expectations increasingly deters them from supporting companies that don’t share their views and values. In some cases, buyers may even opt for the more expensive competitor if this company demonstrates more sustainable practices.

Every business does well to support the continually increasing value perception of sustainability. Through small and actionable changes, many companies are successfully highlighting every initiative to improve the sustainability practices within their operation, with the aim to attract more customers by meeting this demand for sustainability and thus increase profits.

Many companies are cash strapped as they emerge from pandemic hardships and the thought of increasing their investment in sustainability can be overwhelming. As travel slowly and cautiously returns to levels seen prior to the pandemic and as many companies are presently needing to adopt an all-hands-on-deck approach, these finer details will begin to affect the bottom line more than ever. As many hospitality companies look to make the best first impression to potential bookers, more sustainable operations add a further level of enticement for the consumer.

How b4 Can Help You Thrive

At b4, we can help you provide service that increase the sustainability of your payment management practices while being easy on your wallet. With our payment platform, TransForm, your guests and customers can submit payments and credit card authorizations in a completely paperless manner. You can stop collecting credit card authorizations on paper forms and your customers can submit all the details you need electronically and at their convenience.

Moving to paperless services is fundamental to implementing sustainability in any company. If your business is only beginning its journey towards sustainability, the first step of going paperless is often a trigger that helps to bring awareness to your operation’s carbon footprint and helps inspire other initiatives to further the growth of sustainability in your business practices.

Another benefit to any service that you can migrate to be fully online and paperless is that it also becomes contactless. Some travellers will remain timid about interacting with others outside of their social circles as we inch out of our comfort zones and back into the world of more frequent travel. Services that are contactless help to ease the mind of consumers with such anxieties.

TransForm can also ease your operation’s anxiety over fraud. When it is coupled with strict operational adherence to the best practices of secure credit card acceptance and handling, it can help you reduce the losses you can suffer through with chargebacks.

Fully PCI compliant and supporting your sustainability profile, TransForm is a worthy addition to your current tech stack. Book a demo with us to see it for yourself.

Improve Your Sustainability with TransForm

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