The recovery from the pandemic has made for a lot of erratic work for hotels all over the world and constantly adjusting to ever-changing local conditions. One central idea for successfully marketing properties over the past few quarters that will persist into 2022 is presenting guests with pricing, promotions and packaging that are viewed as having ‘value’.

Everyone wants a good deal, but equally as important is that people want peace of mind (especially with COVID-19 still very much front and center with the delta variant). Guests are looking for hotels to make their travel options and itineraries as simple as possible. Hence, the term ‘value’ could be succinctly described as anything that gives customers a good price while also freeing up their time or anxiety.

One popular way to go about this is to incorporate breakfast into a B&B rate that offers a great deal on a per-person meal allotment as well as the convenience of being able to dine onsite without any hassle. But many other aspects besides breakfast cannot be easily bundled into a promotion or upsell offer – spa packages, onsite activities or third-party experiences, to name three.

Even though it’s 2021, booking engines and PMS integrations can only go so far. Oftentimes, these non-reservation charges are difficult to send out during the prearrival stage, making it inconvenient for the guest and thus deterring them from accepting your offer.

That’s where TransForm comes in. By using our platform, you can bill guests in advance as part of a reservation charge or as a separate transaction upfront and without the need to settle a folio at check-out or leave the guest to arrange it all on their own.

While the primary function of TransForm is to securely facilitate card-not-present room bookings, the versatility of our software allows you to pass through any charges to the guest as well as give them a frictionless means of paying for those expenses so that they don’t have to clog up the front desk or a team member’s email inbox as you try to coordinate payment for all these extra charges manually.

Besides helping reduce chargebacks, prevent fraud and save your team time, this is but one more application for TransForm. If you are curious as to some specific use cases where you can use our platform to add value to the guest experience beyond card-not-present guestroom transactions, let us know and we’ll schedule a demo.

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