Much has been predicted about what pandemic-era habits or policies will become permanent fixtures of society. This is particularly true for hospitality which has been one of the worst-hit industries by COVID-19.

The rationale is quite understandable – hotels are high traffic places where people from many different social groups can interact and potentially accelerate viral spread. So, while offices are starting to mandate employees to return to work, making hotels entirely contactless will be the way of the future.

Enabling mobile check-in and check-out is important here, but the most foundational mission any hotel should set out to achieve is making all payments contactless. It’s just common sense in that removing all in-person touchpoints where transactions occur can have profound advantages besides COVID-19 safety.

One of the biggest problems hotels and resorts are confronting right now is properly staffing up in the face of pent-up demand. This means that lean front desk and reservation teams have much more to contend with on a daily basis. If every transaction has to go through the front desk, this can result in longer lineups, guests left waiting and more instances where safe physical distances are infringed.

For these cases, using a secure, card-not-present payment platform like TransForm removes the transactional part of the interaction, offloading it from the front desk. This in turn expedites the entire process so that wait times are kept to a minimum and those still in line can maintain proper social distancing buffers.

Besides unburdening the front desk team, utilizing secure ecommerce portals as provided by TransForm are essential for a largely remote workforce. In the near past, a hotel may expect its intake team to be onsite, operating in close proximity to each other out of some back-of-house office area. Now, however, reservationists who are dutifully trained and set up with the right technologies can work safely from their own homes. In this sense, payment platforms are not only critical to protect your guests but also to safeguard and motivate your employees.

These are but a few use cases that show the versatility of TransForm as well as how contactless payment solutions can help ‘future proof’ your hotel. There are several other crucial advantages of our product such as minimizing chargebacks, so gather your questions and book a demo to learn more.

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