HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA (May 13, 2021): b4checkin Ltd. (“b4checkin”) announces roadmap with Infor to integrate its secure, online payment platform, TransForm, with Infor’s Hotel Management Solution (HMS), a flexible, cloud-based property management system (PMS) with mobile capabilities and two-way connections to Infor’s suite of hospitality solutions. As the premier solution to help fight chargebacks and fraud, TransForm works to ensure that no one aside from the cardholder ever sees a person’s full credit card information, thereby acting a powerful tool in fraud prevention and in mitigating a property’s losses associated with chargeback disputes. This latest integration allows HMS client hotels to automatically pass encrypted credit card data from TransForm directly into the correct ledger within the PMS, enhancing team productivity and further deepening the personalization of the guest experience.

“In a digital world, security is paramount when handling sensitive guest information,” said Jason Floyd, general manager, Infor Hospitality. “Today’s consumers are very connected and mobile, expecting to communicate and collaborate as such, knowing that their data is safe. This has inspired the innovations within the Infor Hospitality suite. We wanted to provide our customers with modern applications to capture more guests and create unforgettable stays.”

“The pain of chargeback disputes extends far beyond a refund of the dollar value of a transaction,” added Saar Fabrikant, CEO of b4checkin. “There are fees charged by the processor and lost inventory in the form of room nights that could’ve been sold to other customers, not to mention all the administrative time spent in preparing documentation. As such, we’re excited to not only see HMS client hotels deploying TransForm as a way to avoid these hidden expenses, but also to have transactions link directly to guest profiles in the PMS. This gives properties more centralized data to use in strengthening service delivery and guiding operational improvements for the decade ahead.”

A relatively quick and uncomplicated process, installations of TransForm at multiple HMS user properties are already underway, with several nearing go-live status and many others in the development queue.


b4 develops cloud-based guest service tools for the accommodation industry to help create great online experiences for booking reservations and taking online payments. With TransForm, hotels can take secure online deposits, payments and real-time authorizations from guests and bookers, to help reduce chargeback dispute costs and eliminate the need for manual credit card authorization forms. To get in touch, visit www.b4checkin.com.


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