HALIFAX, NOVA SCOTIA (April 30, 2021): b4checkin ltd. announces the release of a limited Chargeback Warranty for its online payment platform, TransForm. As a product focused on securing transactions, reducing chargeback losses and preventing instances of fraud, TransForm’s Chargeback Warranty offers protection up to a specified limit for TransForm users provided they follow the Company’s best practices guidelines. “We’ve made the decision to launch this limited Chargeback Warranty because chargeback costs are now crippling some properties,” stated Saar Fabrikant, CEO and President of b4. “It’s not just the one-to-one reimbursement for the chargeback amount, but all the other hidden costs such as administration time, dispute fees from the processor and lost inventory. Especially now that the world has moved online and card-not-present transactions are the most common way of making payments, friendly fraud is becoming rampant.”

Friendly fraud is a critical issue for card-not-present transactions. These are instances where the cardholder makes a purchase online, or via another means where they are not physically present at the merchant, then falsely claims wrongdoing on behalf of the merchant and demands a refund. As the goods or service has already been sold and not returned, the merchant ends up losing the dollar value of the refund as well as the inventory itself.

Importantly, one of the main reasons why b4 is able to offer a Chargeback Warranty for hotels is because TransForm helps convert traditional lodging transactions into ecommerce transactions by ensuring end-to-end security of the cardholder’s credit card data. By giving guests a private portal to fill in their information, and then encrypting that data all the way to where it’s stored, no member of the hotel staff ever has full visibility on the card.

When it comes to chargebacks, credit card processors, acquiring banks and issuing banks prefer ecommerce transactions because this method assures that hotel employees were incapable of acting deceitfully during the transaction. This then puts more pressure on the cardholder to provide evidence of dishonest intent by the hotel to thereby help mitigate instances of friendly fraud.

While a guest can nevertheless dispute any charge to their account, by using fully PCI-compliant methods such as TransForm, hotels can limit the costs associated with chargebacks and increase their chances of winning disputes. Additionally, ecommerce transactions are deemed as lower risk by credit card processors, meaning a hotel’s processing fees may decrease.

For the specific terms and conditions of the limited Chargeback Warranty, please contact b4checkin directly for a detailed overview. And as an auxiliary piece to the Chargeback Warranty, the best practices guidelines for the use of TransForm are also available for hotel teams to learn how they can improve the management of guest transactions to reduce chargeback costs.


b4checkin develops cloud-based guest service tools for the accommodation industry to help create great online experiences for booking reservations and taking online payments. With TransForm, hotels can take secure online deposits, payments and real-time authorizations from guests and bookers, to help reduce chargeback dispute costs and eliminate the need for manual credit card authorization forms. To get in touch, visit www.b4checkin.com.

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