The word ‘contactless’ has been one of the buzziest for 2020, and it will remain top of mind for 2021 as we all still have to do our part to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

But what exactly does ‘contactless’ mean? Many interpret it as simply not shaking hands or entering someone’s personal space during an interaction. But really, the only way to be truly contactless is for two individuals to never enter the same space at all.

When it comes to payments, this means going 100% virtual. Setting up your merchant terminals to accept chip-and-PIN transactions is a commendable first step, but this still requires an employee to get close to a customer, along with any machine sanitization or disinfection that must occur in-between.

Even though they are totally contactless, the main problems with these digital, card-not-present transactions are the potential for fraud (especially for payments made over the phone) and credit card disputes.

Our payment platform, TransForm, takes several important steps to secure these card-not-present transactions so that you can allow guests to pay from the safety of their rooms or homes, as well as help you increase the likelihood of a positive outcome from a dispute.

While credit card processors offer a myriad of built-in fraud prevention tools, we also layer in a few more to further reduce the chances of this happening to your property. Critically, TransForm tokenizes all credit card data so that no one from your team ever sees a guest’s full information.

This is why we are considered to be the best-in-class solution for hotel payments. We invite you to book a demo and discover what it means to go truly contactless.

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