Cybersecurity is mission critical for hotels these days, especially with transactions going virtual and contactless as properties look to bolster COVID-19 guest safety. As a platform that facilitates secure, online payments, TransForm adds in a few layers of credit card fraud prevention on top of those already embedded in payment gateways and credit card processors.

Feature #1: An Alternative to Card-Not-Present Transactions

One method used by fraudsters is to supply credit card details over the phone, taking advantage of the lack of verification tools implied by this non-PCI-compliant medium. While many hotels already have a policy in place to disallow card-not-present transactions in the days before an expected arrival, TransForm goes a step further.

Instead of taking down credit card information over the phone, you can use TransForm to email a customer a link to a private payment portal. This way, no one in your hotel ever sees a guest’s data – everything is tokenized – while the portal fields will require the user to have all the required information on hand for a payment to be accepted.

Feature #2: Card Entry Failure Limits

Often scammers will know some but not all of a credit card’s details. So, they’ll use trial and error until they get it right.

With TransForm, you can set a limit on the number of attempts a user can input credit card information into the private payment portal. For most of our clients, this failure limit is three – type in the wrong details three times and you are locked out from the portal (in which case, the customer would have to request a new private portal from the hotel).

Feature #3: Payment Portal Closures After Completion

One other method to cheat the system is to make multiple payments on the same service or product then initiate a chargeback dispute to get a full refund. TransForm protects you from this problem by closing payment portals after a successful credit card transaction – no multiple payments allowed.

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