Hotels operating on popular Infor systems to see increased efficiencies through two-way integration with b4’s customizable CRSb4, provider of the hotel industry’s first fully customizable reservations system and guest satisfaction feedback tool, announces that its web booking engine has achieved certified interface status with Infor’s Medallion and Epitome property management systems.

b4’s hotel clients running Infor Medallion and Epitome now benefit from a two-way interface, meaning crucial information such as room rates, inventory availability and guest profile data are automatically exchanged in real time between the PMS and the b4 online booking engine, ensuring accuracy of booking options and speeding confirmation times for the guest. With this new integration, hoteliers can enjoy the benefits of the b4 booking engine while saving staff time and costs, since there is no need to manually enter bookings as they are confirmed.

The newly certified interfaces enable hotels to manage rates, inventory and availability directly from the PMS and receive guest bookings directly into the b4 central reservations system. These interfaces also account for specific options and preferences to be transferred automatically to the PMS, which in turn allows hotels to generate additional revenue from their own websites and to automate the process flow between hotel’s website and central databases. Interface integration completely automates and streamlines online distribution, thereby sparing hotels the need for manual updates of their most cost-effective channels.

“A professional and reliable web booking engine is a vital component for success in today’s highly competitive lodging industry, and b4 makes it possible for all hotels-regardless of size or staff technical expertise-to generate significant revenue from the online channel,” says Saar Fabrikant, President and CEO at b4. “By establishing a direct two-way interface with the Infor PMSs, b4 eliminates several tedious and labor-intensive steps in the booking process, giving our hotel partners one less thing to worry about.”

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