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Giving Hotel Casino Players a Seamless Online Redemption Process

b4ubet is an application that allows hotel casino players to book their hotel offers online. With its full mobile capabilities, this self-serve product is a big resource saver as it reduces calls to the hotel and manual processing. Moreover, b4ubet facilitates casino offers to be fully customized to each individual player based on his or her specific loyalty level.

For more information on b4ubet, the industry’s premier online hotel offers redemption solution, please contact us.

Why b4ubet?

  • Enhances player redemption experience to drive revenues
  • Seamless self-serve online platform reduces calls to the hotel and manual entry
  • Fully automated to minimize processing errors
  • Mobile-friendly for easy customer access
  • Facilitates offers to match each player’s loyalty level


Register For A Live Demo

Let a member of the b4checkin team show you b4ubet. A demo can be booked at a time that is convenient to you and will take no more than 30 minutes. Simply complete the form below and we will contact you.