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b4checkin Awarded in Best of HITEC 2016 Article

Our online credit card payment solution b4easypost was awarded ‘Best Sleeper Product’ at HITEC 2016 in News Orleans from June 20th to 23rd by hospitality author, Larry Mogelonsky, in HOTELS Magazine. Here’s the snippet from the article:


Best Sleeper Product: b4easypost by b4checkin
A quaint ten-by-ten booth with a modest spread of brochures and small lizard keepsakes to advertise their premier booking engine platform couldn’t hide the fact that this tech startup has developed an industry first for online credit card payments. The b4easypost product is PCI compliant and has already been fully vetted a select group of hotels across the southern states. By helping eliminate manual authorization forms, this software bolt-on will all but eliminate human error during credit card processing while simultaneously heightening security and adding new data points to guest profiles.