Authorization forms and hotel bookings easily secured.
Contactless products for added safety and simplicity.

Eliminate credit card authorization forms with

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My card-not-present process is slow, inconvenient, and leaves me at risk for chargebacks and PCI compliance.

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  • Reduce chargebacks
  • A+ in PCI compliance
  • Secure your money from a distance with integrated payments
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We love the ability b4 has offered us to provide a safe, secure method for our clients who need to submit credit card payments when the physical credit card will not be present at our hotel. TransForm has made it easy for our clients to simply click and submit their payment right from their desktop or phone very quickly.

Capture direct bookings online with

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I’m tired of overpaying the OTA’s for all of my bookings and having a one size fits all booking engine.

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  • Stop paying unnecessary commissions
  • Gain full control of your online sales
  • Ideal for any business that hosts overnight guests—hotels, convention centers, RV parks, campgrounds etc.
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The b4 system looks better and has more features than our previous solution. Our guests are telling us it is easier to navigate and choose what they want.

We know that using a credit card online can be risky & nerve-wracking… We pride ourselves on keeping your user’s data safe.

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Your trust is important to us, so our software stays updated with the latest security protocols so you and your guests can relax.