Provider of a secure, contactless hotel payment platform as well as an adaptive hotel booking engine.

Let your team manage card-not-present transactions from anywhere with:

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We were making guests come down to the front desk, so our payment process was slow and putting both parties at risk of COVID-19. Now we’re faster and safer with respect to both preventing viral spread and data breaches.

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  • Totally contactless by enabling work-from-home payment coordination
  • Eliminate credit card paper authorization forms
  • A+ in PCI compliance to help reduce chargebacks
  • Additional layers of built-in fraud protection
  • Automatic installment and past due payment notifications
  • Can integrate with your PMS to post payments directly to the right ledger

We know that using a credit card online can be risky and nerve-wracking. We pride ourselves on keeping your users’ data safe.

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Your trust is important to us. Our software stays updated with the latest security protocols so that you and your guests can relax.

Capture direct bookings online with:

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I’m tired of overpaying the OTA’s for all of my bookings and having a one size fits all booking engine.

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  • Stop paying unnecessary commissions
  • Gain full control of your online sales
  • Ideal for any business that hosts overnight guests—hotels, convention centers, RV parks, campgrounds etc.