Meet the Board

Saar Fabrikant – President & CEO
Saar studied Software Engineering in college in Eastern Canada, which directly led to work in project management and software development for hospitality companies. In addition to fostering an intimate knowledge of the hotel industry during this time, he recognized the need for superior software interfaces and conceived the idea for b4checkin which he has devoted his time to ever since. Saar is a former chess champion as well as an avid skier.


Martin MacKinnon – Chief Financial Officer
Martin studied at St. Francis Xavier University before completing his MBA. After graduating, he eventually found himself in a CFO position for Keddy’s Motor Inn followed by a group of physiotherapy clinics. In 2007, he became the CFO for a publicly traded mining company while he started to grow b4checkin. However, his passion for innovation and the hospitality industry soon compelled him to move to b4checkin on a full-time basis. Outside of work, Martin is active in federal politics and has even run for office.

Peter Rogers – Chairman of the Board
Peter J. Rogers Jr. leads the board as they provide strategic direction and support senior management. Peter spent 27 years with MICROS Systems, Inc. as it grew from a small company to a global leader in information systems for the hospitality and retail industries. He was Executive Vice President for Business Development and Investor Relations for MICRO from 1996 to 2014 when the company was acquired by Oracle Corporation. Peter will guide b4checkin with veteran expertise throughout the product development process to ensure all software reflects the evolving nature of the hospitality technology market.

Nick Carson
Nicholas Carson was General Manager of The Prince George since the hotel opened in 1986 until 2014. Born and educated in England, Nick was the founding President of the Hotel Association of Nova Scotia, instrumental in the inception of the Culinary Institute of Canada in Prince Edward Island and a Board Member of the Advisory Committee from 1987 to 1993. A Director of the Hotel Association of Canada (HAC) from 1992 to 2014, his time with the organization also included a term as chairman. Nick helped create Halifax’s successful marketing organization, Destination Halifax, which he served for two years as its first Chair. In tandem with his work for b4checkin, Nick is active as a tourism industry consultant.

Guido Kerpel
Guido was born and raised in The Netherlands and came to Canada in the late 80s after finishing the Hotel School in The Hague. Guido’s current position has him manage the Northeast Operations and Development of NewCastle Hotels and Resorts, the portfolio of which includes assets such as the Westin Nova Scotian, The Nova Scotian Signature Resorts, the Hampton Dartmouth, Residence Inn Moncton, the recently renovated Algonquin Resort in St Andrews and Westin Portland. Additionally he serves as Consul for the Kingdom of the Netherlands.